Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What I have to say regarding the chevron riots..

Firstly.. Masd props to the brave youth there now. Closed milletary zone or not. We have full right to be anywhere we choose in eretz yisrael.

I fully believe the riots are AMAZING here you have youth who are sick of listening to the yeshu council of lemings. And decided DAI! enough! to hell with haflaga!
They got mad and rightly so! and they went on a rampage.

Now, I dont support attacking soldiers or policemen or any jews. I know that love will not stop the expulsion.. But right now there is no expulsion.. Blocking roads I support.. rioting and mayhem to a point is good... Ynet just published this

Jordan 's King Abdullah II said Tuesday that the only alternative to creation of a Palestinian state was more chaos, violence and instability in the Middle East.

The king said the next two years were particularly critical, and he urged Israel to continue withdrawing from Palestinian territories. (AP)

See, He uses violence as a threat.. and it works! On the front page of today's yediot (idiot) acharonot. It shows a masked girl saying she is 15 and a expelee from gush katif.

So clearly we have angry youth. And angry youth works wonders with the arabs.. they can get away with anything shruging it off as "angry youth" and I think these kids in chevron realized that.


At 5:00 AM, Blogger Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Yeah, well, the big one is coming in Yesha, we just need to rally the troops now and get ready.

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